Talking Mats Licensed Training 2024

Licensed Trainers Training

The next Licensed Training (formerly Accredited Training) to be held online in Australia is open for applications to those who are Foundation Trained.

An information session will be held on Thursday February 29th 2024 at 12:30PM AEDT (MEL/SYD/CAN time) for those interested in the course. If you have missed the information session, or have not received your invitation to apply please email and express your interest. 

Would you like to train others to use Talking Mats?

To train others to use Talking Mats it is a requirement that you become a Licensed Trainer.  The Licensed Course teaches you how to train people to use Talking Mats by learning to deliver Foundation Training. Once licensed you can conduct Foundation Training in your own Organisation, or more widely as an Independent Trainer.  It focuses on how to provide a constructive framework to allow people to learn from their videos, how to manage group dynamics, updates on the latest Talking Mats research and how to answer those frequently asked questions. This is a highly reflective course.

Information Session

If you miss this, a recording will be available and details about the application can be emailed out. 

The information session will cover the points on this page with additional notes to help understand:

  • What this training is?
  • The eligibility
  • The application process
  • Cost and optional extras.
  • The licencing and how this works
  • Timelines

To attend this course you need to have:

  • Completed a Talking Mats Foundation Training course.
  • Experience of using Talking Mats in practice and submit 3 case examples and a short video of using Talking Mats with someone with communication difficulties.
  • An in-depth knowledge of communication disability
  • Good presentation and training skills

How to apply

Applications are now open. You should have received an email invitation if you are registered with us as Foundation Trained, but if you did not the information you need is here.  [Also please feel free to update your email with us so you receive furture announcements specifically for people who are Foundation Trained]

Please allow 1 hour or so to complete your application. You will also need to supply your video.

Link to Application Form (MS Word) (download)

Deadline for applications: Wednesday May 31st (Mid-night)
(unless places are filled prior to this date)

  • Acceptance into the course will be notified as applications arrive, and this process will be completed by Wednesday June 7th.
  • Invoices for course fee will be sent with place offer to be paid within 7 days to confirm place.


Announcing the 2024 course dates


The dates are as follows:

Wednesday July 10  - 1:00PM to 5:00PM AEST (MEL/SYD/CAN time)

Thursday July 11 -  1:00PM to 5:00PM AEST

Monday July 15  - 9:30AM to 12:30PM and 1:00PM to 3:00PM AEST


  • Sessions 1 and 2: 1.00PM to 5:00PM AEST (MEL/SYD/CAN time zone)
  • Session 3 and 4: 9:30AM to 12:30PM and 1:00PM to 3:00PM AEST (MEL/SYD/CAN time zone)
  • There will be a 15 minute break in each session, except session 4. 
  • Full attendance is required.

How to Apply
• To be eligible to apply you must have successfully completed the Talking Mats Foundation Training and have experience using Talking Mats
• Complete the application process in full, which includes submitting a video of your use of Talking Mats to be used during the course along with your application form

The applicant must provide evidence that:

  • They are trained and experienced in the use of Talking Mats (provide 3 example reports).
  • They have a high-level knowledge of language and communication development.
  • They have good presentation skills.
  • They have an understanding of Talking Mats research.
  • They understand that they are entering into offering a licensed product and have the capacity to run and administer training events.

COST: $2189 (Inc $199GST)
PLACES: 8 only

Add Talking Mats Resources

The price for the training listed above includes your annual subscription to the Talking Mats Digital app (Valued at £120). 

The original resources can be added to your training kit as follows:

Any of these additional resources can be purchased any time before or after your Licensed Training course.  We can however include them in your overall invoice for training if you prefer. 

Please note all resources are included in the digital app subscription which is part of your training fee.  Listed above are optional extras and these are the original resources made from card. 

Things you should know:

  • This is an assessed course.
  • Course numbers will be limited to allow for quality discussion.
  • You will be trained to run the course in the in-person format, where you deliver the 2 x ½ day Talking Mats Foundation Training. In this training format each participant produces a video of a Talking Mat to share in the second session.
  • On successful completion of this course, trainers will be permitted to run Talking Mats training courses within their organisations at a reasonable rate. Your license allows a maximum number of participants per course and limited number of courses per license per year. License details will be supplied upon application.  
  • You will receive all the resources required to deliver the course with your training—including access to the digital resource.
  • You will be supported in developing your Talking Mats training skills
  • There are ongoing licensing costs for delivering Talking Mats training, which are explained below. 
  • Upon successful completion of the course you will receive a license to use the Talking Mats Intellectual Property to train others in Talking Mats. In 2024 post-training, one license is included to train up to 10 people (Value £220). You will need to renew your license annually and this will be due for the 2025 calendar year. You can choose diferent levels of licence depending on how many people you plan to train.  The levels are:
  • 10 people - £220
  • up to 32 people - £576
  • up to 60 people - £1080
  • up to 96 peopl - £1728
  • You can always add a per person fee for additional people @ £20
  • You will be in charge of your administration to run courses and apply any charges for the Foundation Training. The license goes with you if you move positions. The licensing provides for you to train a maximum number of people per year. 
  • The new format Licensed Trainers Course is online and runs over 3 days with a weekend in between. There's a total of 12 hours of training and and full attendance is required. The course is assessed and requires a high level of participation, including presenting to the group and showing your video. At various times the group divides into break-out groups and concludes with a one-to-one evaluation session. 

What happens next? How to apply

Applications are now open. You should have received an email invitation if you are registered with us as Foundation Trained.

Link to Application Form (MS Word)

If you'd like to discuss applying please email and we'll arrange atime for a conversation. 

Deadline for applications: Wednesday May 31st (Mid-night)

  • Acceptance into the course will be notified as suitable applications arrive
  • Invoices for course fee will be sent with place offer to be paid within 7 days to confirm place.

If you are not sure whether you are eligible or have questions, please contact Tracey at Talking Mats Australia at and we'll arange a time to discuss.