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Dr. Joan Murphy using Talking Mats Original with Ian

Taking Mats Vision

Talking Mats is a social enterprise whose vision is to improve the lives of people with communication difficulties by increasing their capacity to communicate effectively about things that matter to them. This innovative, award-winning communication tool is based on extensive research and was designed by Speech and Language Therapists in the United Kingdom.

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The Foundation Training provides the learning context, strategies and principles so you can become a Talking Mats "listener".


What are your goals?

“It’s one of the only ways my daughter can tell people what she is feeling.”

Mother of teenager with behaviours of concern.

“Doing my mat is like my life staring me in the face.”

Woman with an acquired brain injury

“It’s about creating space for someone to express themselves”.

Speech Pathologist

“This is fun.”

8 year old girl with a language disorder.

“If not got picture you might not remember what you want say.”

Man with mental health problem