Talking Mats Resources

The Original Resources are the physical symbol cards, organised into topics and sets, used with your mat.

The Digital Resource is the App available from 

The resources listed below are available as a Resource which consists of 3 or 4 topics.  The list of contents and images of each option is not available to protect copyright.  

Some Resources are “specialist” or “advanced”.  It is a requirement that Foundation Training is completed in order to purchase these reources. This training must be delivered by a Licensed Trainer. These include the Keeping Safe, Thinking Ahead and Eating & Drinking Resource. The specialist resources require training. 

Selected resources are also available as bundles, or they are offered as a complete set.  The Bundles include additional resources such as videos (supplied digitally as vimeo links).

The Mat: Talking Mats utilises a generic mat.  You can use almost any carpet square, or even a hand towel or piece of poster-board.  The mat used in U.K. AND Australia is a low cost IKEA mat you can source yourself. Talking Mats recommend you source your own mat, but if you prefer for us to supply it we can.