Training in Talking Mats. Are You Certified?

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While Talking Mats appears to be a simple tool, because it makes communication easier for the "thinker", we often say it is "deceptively simple".  As with many apparently 'simple' strategies it is not simplistic as the underlying skills are not immediately evident and cannot be gleaned by observation alone. 

Add Talking Mats to your professional toolkit…
become certified.

Talking Mats has been gaining traction in Australia since the Foundation Training was launched here in 2016. We have heard of employers asking applicants whether they are "Talking Mats Certified". The recognition of the importance of the training is most welcome. 

Why Training? It Looks Easy

The communication is made easy for the "thinker" because the "listener" is employing specific strategies which are revealed in the training. The training provides strategies to be an effective "Listener" based on the Talking Mats principles.

The Foundation Training provides the skills and strategies to use Talking Mats with clients. As an evidence-based tool it is important to ensure the ongoing integrity of the evidence with correct implementation.

There is another level of training which permits training others in Talking Mats. This is called Licensed Training (formerly Accredited Training). This was offered in Australia for the first time in May 2017.  It is offered annually and acceptance into this course is based on Talking Mats experience which starts with Foundation Training.  

Talking Mats involves application of intellectual property, so the training ensures we protect our governance of this and a royalty is paid via the training fee.  This ensures the integrity of the evidence base, and consistency in implementation of the strategy.

Participants attending official Talking Mats training are registered with Talking Mats in Scotland. You also benefit from ongoing purchase of resources at the special price for holding a Certificate in Talking Mats. 

Course Objectives: 

  • To learn how to implement Talking Mats to structure client conversations to gather their views and opinions
  • To learn how to evaluate appropriateness and effectiveness of Talking Mats
  • To learn how to reflect on your own communication and evaluate your own ongoing implementation of Talking Mats to ensure validity.
  • To learn how to personalise Talking Mats to your own setting.
  • To connect with Talking Mats certified practitioners across the world through the online forums for ongoing support and information sharing. 

Training Format & Location: 

Training has several formats: 

  • 2 x half day in-person sessions approximately 4 to 6 weeks apart;
  • 2 x half day VIRTUAL sessions held online approximately 3 to 5 weeks apart  > Most Popular!
  • 1 x full day ;
  • or you can also complete training online (4 modules over 4 to 6 weeks) through (link below)

We can also arrange training for your organisation or group on-site at your facility. 

Sessions are held at venues around Australia, your venue and also at the Zyteq clinic room in Port Melbourne and online.

There is a small but skilled group of independent Licensed Trainers around Australia too who may be able to provide services to you or your organisation.

What does Talking Mats training allow you to do?

[Based on Blog by Joan Murphy – the founder of Talking Mats]

Foundation Training

Attending Foundation Training courses run by an Accredited Trainer will:

  • Provide you with a range of practical tools and models that will help you evaluate a person’s ability and their level of support required
  • Give you a holistic framework to support people with communication disability
  • Build your confidence in using Talking Mats
  • Encourage your creativity in using and applying Talking Mats in different situations such as goal setting, sharing views, supporting disclosure, enabling decision making…..the list is endless! 

You can either:

  • Book places on our courses held online, and in different venues across Australia
  • Arrange a bespoke training for your organisation
  • Participate in the U.K. run 6 weeks online training course 

Intellectual Property

Talking Mats was originally developed at University of Stirling and the Intellectual Property is held by the University and Talking Mats Limited is assigned the sole rights to Talking Mats. Talking Mats is registered as a trademark. Only training that is sanctioned by Talking Mats Ltd is recognised and anyone training others without being a recognised Talking Mats trainer is infringing Intellectual Property and copyright.

Signposting and sharing knowledge

We are of course delighted when people share their knowledge and experience of Talking Mats and signpost others to the website and resources.

Train the Trainers courses

You cannot train others unless you have completed and passed the official  ‘train the trainers’ courses.  We put significant emphasis on our licensed training because without it, the quality and integrity of the Talking Mats framework is diluted and damaged. Talking Mats is based on extensive research and although it may appear simple, there are many complex layers involved in using it and we need to be confident that trainers have an in depth knowledge and understanding of these.

In order to apply to become a Talking Mats trainer you have to have completed the foundation training (above), be experienced in using Talking Mats and fulfill the course requirements.