The App - Talking Mats Digital

Please check out the special offer for access to the app and resources until September 30th 2020 at this link. 

To try (free) or buy the Talking Mats app please go to this link at the iTunes App Store.

Log into iTunes to see screenshots and for further details.

A free version can be downloaded to start.

A "lite" version can be downloaded for $13.99

(pricing may vary depending on the currency conversion)

Here are the details from the website:

Talking Mats Taster is designed to support adults and children with communication difficulties to express their views about leisure activities at home.

Talking Mats Taster includes 10 symbols from the Leisure (Home) symbol set in a free App for iOS and Android devices – the perfect introduction to the Talking Mats Digital range.

Once in the App, click on the ‘Bonus’ link to receive a further 6 free bonus symbols. And click on ‘Upgrade’ to see and upgrade to the full range of Talking Mats versions available that will enable you to do so much more.

With Talking Mats Taster you can:

  • Use 10 symbols from Leisure (Home)
  • Gain an introduction to using Talking Mats as a communication tool
  • Complete the Leisure (Home) set with 6 free bonus symbols when you register with us
  • Upgrade from within the Taster App to Talking Mats Lite and Talking Mats Pro

Need more? For just $13.99, upgrade from within the App to Talking Mats Lite and access all 35 symbols from the Leisure (Home) and Leisure (Away) sets, plus additional functionality.

More vocabularies

To purchase the individual of bundles of vocabularies after you have completed the above steps - head to and then SHOP.  Choose your vocabulary and select DIGITAL.  The vocabulary is sent to your iPad via the cloud and your account.