Talking Mats Foundation Training: Details and Registration

2024 Talking Mats Virtual Foundation Training Calendar


  • Monday 3rd June and Monday 1st July 2024 | both sessions 9:00AM to 1:00PM (SYD/MEL time) [CLOSING FRIDAY 24 MAY]
  • Thursday 18th July and Thursday 15th August 2024 | both sessions 1:00PM to 5:00PM (SYD/MEL time) 
  • Thursday 22nd August and Thursday 19th September 2024 | both sessions 1:00PM - 5:00PM (SYD/MEL time)

 Registration now open!

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Below is the perpetual course information which is similar information to the linked page above. 

Learn this award winning, evidence-based communication tool to help people with communication difficulties to:

  • express their views about things that matter to them

  • organise and express their thoughts

  • with supported decision-making 

  • set goals

  • and so much more.

Three women sitting at a table, having coffee.

    Join our virtual training from anywhere in Australia.                         

    This course combines our favourite elements which are:

    • completing the training in under 7 hours (excluding the video project)
    • an interactive small group format
    • the shared and self video reflection session

     Why Training? It Looks Easy 

    Talking Mats may seem like a simple tool, but there is a lot more to it than meets the eye. To become an effective "listener" using Talking Mats, you can gain the necessary skills and strategies in the Foundation Training.

    During this training, those attending learn special strategies and the Talking Mats principles that help to facilitate communication using this tool.  So while Talking mats may look easy, the training ensures the integrity of the evidence-base and provides a highly effective and versatile tool for communication. 

    What's Included

    • Live online training with experienced Licenced Trainer/s from Talking Mats Australia, in an interactive small group format
    • 2 x half day sessions 3 to 5 weeks apart (+ video project) 
    • We send you one special resource to use for the training called "Free Time" + a mat
    • Talking Mats eBook
    • A certificate upon passing. 
    • Join the global Talking Mats community
    • Ongoing purchase of resources at the special price for trained members
    • Eligibility to purchase the advanced resources [Keeping Safe, Thinking Ahead and Eating & Drinking], and new resources as available
    • Access to the available online courses relating to select advanced resources
    • Eligibility to apply to apply for the Licensed Training

    A woman and boy sitting at a table, using talking mats on a tablet device.

    This course will help you to: 

    1. Understand the Talking Mats communication framework
    2. Have increased awareness of your own communication style
    3. Use Talking Mats to better support people with communication difficulties
    4. Use a tool which evidences your commitment to person centered working.

    Course Details:

    You learn about the background and evidence-base of Talking Mats, in an interactive online format where you share ideas and the experience of the group.  Between session 1 and session 2 you start using Talking Mats for your video project which is an essential part of the course. Video yourself and a client doing a Talking Mat using the Free Time resource and use the self-reflection template.The reflective practice in session 2 brings together the experiences of the group and the most common feedback is "I learned so much from watching everyones' videos".  

    To successfully complete the training, online attendance and participation with 'cameras on' is how we aim to achieve a vibrant virtual setting to parallel the in-person training. To successfully pass the course here's what's needed:

    • full attendance to both sessions
    • your contribution in both sessions
    • timely submission of a Talking Mats video one week before the second session

    What Happens Once you Register

    • We send you the course confirmations and a Tax Invoice.
    • We confirm your postal address and send the Free Time Resource and your mat to arrive approximately 2 weeks prior to your course start date.
    • You receive the zoom links and reminders for your sessions.
    • Session 1: we meet together online for the session 1 content.  This is a mics on and cameras on session and we get to know each other and contribute from our various perspectives. We finish with details about how to make your video.
    • After session 1 you prepare for your video session and the go ahead and meet with your "thinker"to record your Talking Mats session, with appropriate permissions in place. 
    • Upload your video according to the instructions provided, usually to arrive one week prioir to your second session.
    • We review all videos and plan session 2. If there are any concerns about how the Talking Mats principles have been demonstrated in the video we will be in touch as we very much want to support you to pass the course. 
    • Session 2: we meet for session 2 which is predominantly the video reflection segment plus some additional content.
    • Upon completing all elements successfully, your Talking Mats Foundation Training certificate will be issued.
    • We will advise Talking Mats U.K. of your successful completion and your details will be added to the international list of those Foundation Trained.
    • After succesfully completion you will be able to purchase resources at the "trained" price and explore the advanced resources, and attend the related online trainings offered by Talking Mats in U.K.  (You will be asked to approve this sharing of your details in your registration). 
    • We will also advise you of the licensed training opportunities in case you wish to train others. 

    Cancellation and Course Incomplete

    The cancellation terms appear below, and on the registration page when you click through to register.  Please scroll down and read these carefully. We ask that you acknowledge that you agree to these terms when you register.

    Talking Mats Foundation Training Booking Terms

    Once your payment has been received your place on the training is confirmed. 

    Course Requirements 

    To complete the training successfully the following criteria must be met:

    • Attendance and participation in each session for the complete session.
    • Submit the video (which meets the video requirements) and reflection sheet by the due date 


     If you need to cancel the following options apply: 

    Cancellation 30 days from event date: There are three options available, if you notify us by email to that you are unable to attend on the booked course 30 days or more prior to the course start date:

    1. A refund can be made less $45 administration fee. Or
    2. The full amount can be held over and applied to the next available event offered. (See next offer terms). A rebooking fee of $95 is playable (Incl $8.64 GST), or
    3. You can nominate another person to take your place on the course.  

    Cancellation 14 days from event: There are three options available, if you notify us by email to that you are unable to attend on the booked course 14 days or more prior to the course start date:

    1. A 50% refund of the total course fee can be offered.
    2. You can nominate another person to take your place on the course, or. 
    3. Or the full amount can be held over and applied to the next available event offered. A rebooking fee of $95 is playable (Incl $8.64 GST), (See next offer terms). 

    Cancellation up to 7 days from the event and unable to attend on the day due to unforeseen circumstances no refund is possible. It is unlikely we will be able to fill your place within a short-notice timeframe, but you are welcome to nominate another person to take your place on the course, however you will need to forward your resource and mat to your colleague/friend. Within the 7-day timeframe we are unable to transfer your course fee to another course. 

    Next Offer Terms

    If you advise that you are not able to attend your booked training (and advise more than 14 days from the start date) you can choose to have your funds held over to apply to the next available training, and the following terms apply: 

    • A place will be offered the next available scheduled event online or in your region or that you are prepared to travel to. If you choose this option your name will be placed on a standby list for the next suitable training events and a place will be offered. A re-booking fee is payable in each case of $95.00. If this option is chosen upon your cancellation we will issue an invoice which is payable in 30 days to secure your place. 
    • If the next date offered is unsuitable, we can hold the “next offer” to one more event. Offers cannot be made ongoing and will not be possible after 1 year from your original event which was not attended. 

    Substitute Participant

    Substitute Participant: If you are unable to attend but can nominate a colleague or another suitable candidate to take your place, this should be notified as soon as possible. If the notification is within 7 days of the event we want to be sure the substitute participant receives the notifications and communications, and understands the requirements of the course. For online courses, the substitute person will be able to transfer the resources from the original booked participant. This should be arranged between the original participant and the substitute participant.  

    Course Non-completion

    If you complete part 1 of the training and then cannot attend part 2 if may be possible to join another program to complete your Foundation Training or it may be possible to offer an individual feedback session. A payment of $220 (Incl $20 GST) will be required. We cannot guarantee a place in the next course as the part 2 attendance will be subject to available places. We will aim to find a date to join a group that works for you so you can benefit from the group learning of the video reflection session. If this is not possible, we may need to schedule a special video reflection session outside the current courses. 

    Course Transfer 

    Your training fees cannot be transferred to the U.K. online training fee program as this is operated by Talking Mats U.K.   

    If We Cancel

    If due to unforeseen circumstances we need to cancel the event, a full refund will be offered. If you prefer us to hold funds and transfer these to the next event this option will be offered if available. If we need to cancel one part of the course due to unforeseen circumstances another course date will be scheduled.

    Our Aim 

    We understand that circumstances change and cancellation may be necessary or unexpected events may intervene in your plans and best intentions to attend your booked event. Our aim is to keep the events as affordable as possible and the events are carefully costed to maintain pricing. The Talking Mats events require considerable administration and organising months out and while we wish we could be more generous with refunds and the “next offer” and “substitute participant” terms however, we are usually running fully-booked courses with waiting lists, so a loss of a participant prior to the course starting or during the course means a place that someone else could have filled. If your place cannot be filled by a substitute participant, costs will be incurred. If cancellation is made some weeks out we still may be able to fill the place by another participant. So we hope you find the terms fair and reasonable, but if you feel extenuating circumstances apply we are happy to discuss your situation.

    2024Training Calendar

    The training sessions open for registration when available.

    The link will be at the top of this page.

    (attendance at both sessions is required to complete the training

      [If you prefer self-paced online learning you are looking for the Online Training at this link.  This is 4 modules to be completed over 6 weeks. This course is run by Talking Mats in U.K. [We are not offering this format this year].  

        Registrations close: two weeks prior to start or when fully booked. These courses usually sell out to our wait list,  so please be on the list, and also our Facebook page (in case your email has changed) to be notified that the email has gone out. 

        Course Format
        (attendance at both sessions is required to complete the training)

        Times: shown as (MEL/SYD time) and will be the same timings for both sessions

        Location: Online with Zoom.  

        Number of places: 8 to 14 (this number is shown in the registration page below the date).

        Price: $462 (incl $42 GST)

        Talking mats symbol for Takking mats. Two figures sitting at a table with a talking mat