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The Communication resource helps people with a communication difficulty to understand, think about and then express their views in a visual way using specially designed communication symbols on 4 topics relating to Communication:

Understanding – Receiving verbal, non-verbal and contextual communication

Expression – Producing verbal, non-verbal and contextual communication

Learning and Thinking – Learning and applying knowledge

Relationships – Interacting with people

This makes the World Health Organisation ICF framework meaningful and accessible.

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A word of warning: many people choose Communication as their resource to include in the training.  It seems obvious that we are working to improve communication, but please be aware that this resources includes topics about communication.  The Talking Mats will be about topics such as "How are you going understanding other people?"  or "How are you going with getting your message across?" so talking about your communication.  This may be suitable for some Speech Pathologists but usually other topics are more suited as your "get started" resource and to get to know clients.